Math that

Sticky Math develops students’ conceptual understanding and procedural fluency without overwhelming their working memory.

Make connections.  Deepen understanding.  No “math” required.


How it works

Provide the math

With Sticky Math, there is often no math to “do.”  Students examine the procedures they have done or will do to gain the conceptual understanding they need to apply procedures flexibly.

Add a representation

Often, too much emphasis is placed on procedural proficiency within a single, abstract symbolic representation.  Rather than teaching different representations separately like a textbook, put them together so students can make connections.

Make connections

Promote equity by explicitly making mathematical connections  the task at hand rather than hoping students will implicitly see the connections through some other form of instruction.

Student Benefits


Procedural fluency

Students build procedural fluency by making sense of problems and persevering in solving them (MP1) as they attend to precision (MP6) while looking for and making use of structure, reasoning abstractly and quantitatively, and looking for and express regularity in repeated reasoning (MP7, MP2 & MP8).



The more connections student make the more chance they have to retain that information.  Students make connections as they look for and make use of structure, reason abstractly and quantitatively, and look for and express regularity in repeated reasoning (MP7, MP2 & MP8). 


Identity formation

Students build mathematical agency, authority & identity as they find connections for themselves, construct viable arguments & critique the reasoning of others (MP3)

Teacher Benefits


Teach better


Save time

Choose a domain, browse the gallery, and pick one! Project it and save even more time.


Save money

A pencil. A couple of sticky notes. Great math instruction doesn’t get much cheaper than that.

Systemic Benefits


PD. Simplified.

Professional development one sticky at a time!  Teachers learn to build procedural fluency from conceptual understanding in small, manageable pieces as they establish mathematics goals to focus learning and teach through multiple representations (NCTM, 2014).


PD. Embedded.

Teachers build content knowledge and pedagogy as they review and use stickies with students. Sticky Math is a great first step in implementing tasks that promote reasoning and problem solving (NCTM, 2014).


PD. Rooted in research.

Sticky Math helps teachers employ each of NCTM’s Effective Mathematics Teaching Practices to increase student engagement and promote equity.