K.B.4.C reads “Understand that each successive number name refers to a quantity that is one larger.”  These sticky math triads allow students to make connections between multiple representations of a quantity that is one larger while realizing what one larger means visually.  We have used the numbers ten and eleven here, but any two numbers and three stickies will do!

The Sticky Math Triad below is formatted so that the representation for each number is in the same location vertically.  This might be used in direct instruction as an introduction to the activity of making connections.

For the Sticky Math Triad below, the responsibility lies with the student to make connections.  Notice the formatting of the representations varies between horizontal and vertical.  They are not aligned so that students are responsible for finding and defining the connections.  Students might annotate on their Sticky Math Weekly Template. Teachers can use this task formatively and facilitate a student led debrief.

What connections are your students making?  What modifications are you making to use this with students?  We would love to hear your feedback; please submit a comment below or consider submitting your own Sticky Math activity here.